The Patagonian Coast

All these photos of the Patagonian Coast  where taken while travelling around Patagonia, Argentina. Mostly near Viedma in the Rio Negro province. I also took the Tren Patagonico, photos there.

Viedma is near the estuary of the Rio Negro river in Argentina. This river originating from the Andes, brings 2000 M³/S of sweet water and it mixes with the salty seawater 30 km from Viedma. Nature thrives in this place where sweet and salty water mixes. Patagonia is know for being windy. Depending on the direction from where it blows,  it brings cold from Antarctica, or warmth from the north.

In the photos you can see birds, sea lions and people sharing the same water of the Atlantic ocean. The flora and the fauna is very rich and adapted to the dry environment. Although Viedma is know amongst ornithologists, for its Burrowing Parakeets (Loro Barranquero), there are many other species to observe.

The Burrowing Parakeets make their burrows in the cliffs. From there they strike out to the farmlands and the water holes in the fields, but they deserve a separate post.

Because these photos are taken in autumn there are very little people on the beach, however in summer half the town of Viedma moves to the beach.