Summer landscapes in South Limburg

During summer time we went on a few family hikes in the South of Limburg. Just to enjoy the summer landscapes. We went on slightly overcasted days so it was not too hot to walk. It’s all uphill, you know. The first five photos are made in Wolfhagen near Schinnen on a overcasted day. The second five photos are from the surroundings of Epen situated in the Geul valley. We had nice fluffy woolly sheep clouds. All 10 pictures show a very typical Limburg’s landscape. It is completely different from the rest of the Netherlands, no canals here. The area is very good for hiking, you’ll get a new bit of landscape every corner you go around. And if it is not another landscape it is a little restaurant where you can enjoy a good lunch and a good local beer. We found these walking trials on the Natuurmonumenten website . There are different routes there with varying lengths, so you can take children.

VVV South Limburg