Parador La Toscana

Playa de las Conchillas / San Antonio Este / Patagonia / Argentina

We stopped over at Parador La Toscana on Saco Viejo, playas del este (SAE). It is owned by our friend Victoria who showed us around Las Grutas the day before (Thanks!). The Parador was closed for the winter when we visited in August, but in a couple of days it is going to open for summer. Too bad we are on the wrong hemisphere right now, would have loved being there in summer, next time!

Even in winter the views near Playa de Las Conchillas are spectacular, specially when there is a storm building up. Whales are amazing, birds everywhere and a lot of shells (conchillas means shells). My youngest daughter collected a ton of them. All the shells make the beach very bright in the sun, making a nice contrast to the dark skies.

For the urban explorers, there is a rusty truck and tractor just standing around begging for a photo. Further down the road there is a abandoned bus. And if you keep going on the same road you end up in a fishing harbour.

If you happen to visit the Argentinian Patagonia in southern hemisphere’s summer, 60km before arriving in Las Grutas -following the Ruta Nacional n3- you will find this exquisite, large beach with pristine water and rustic landscapes. Stop by La Toscana, have a beer and something to eat from their kitchen which is always supplied with fresh fish; before you carry on to the south. It is worth your time… thank me later.


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