Moody Woods

A cold morning, just above freezing. No wind, but a lot of fog. Giving the woods a very moody appearance. It is still dark when I leave the house. The woods are under 10 minutes walking. Because of the rain in the past few weeks there is a lot of water. Paths became mudslides, puddles became ponds. Some places I had to turn back. My feet became wet soon enough, should have worn wellies. I was surprised by the amount of birds present, lots of singing and moving around. Things are coming back to life at last.

I took most of the pictures with my 50mm. During the morning I considered using the 10mm a little bit to make some distorted pictures of the still bald trees. I like how the trees reach up into the mist trying to grab the air. Something you can only see when there are no leaves yet. I give it a couple of weeks and it will be a lot more green.

This woods is managed by Natuurmonumenten and is called the ijzerenbos. It has a 6 kilometre round walk, and is easy to reach from the Susteren railway station.