A visit to Museum de Domijnen.

Sittard / Nederland

A quick visit to the new building of Museum de Domijnen in Sittard. Recently the museum moved its contemporary department to a new building in the Linge. This newly build complex houses a school, a library, shops and the Museum.

The museum has very nice lighting effects through the roof and windows along the ceiling. This light plays on the rough finish of the walls.

The current exposition consist of (amongst others) drawings and sculptures from Brele Scholz.  These drawings depict her mothers memories from the 2nd world war. You can almost read them like a comic, very colorful and graphic. I suggest anybody planning or already directing a war to come and take a look.

The sculptures are very big wooden heads, you can open them up to look what goes on inside their head. Our children really loved that. But it made me slightly nervous when they slammed the heads shut. Sometimes I saw the heads shaking on their pedestal.

I didn’t photograph much of the collection. (so go and look for yourselves). Because I was accompanied by said children and, well, 5 year olds, museums, stuff that could break and has value… you can understand why it was a quick visit. Valentina, the youngest, was interested in the sculptures and drawings, but her attention span is not very long. I’ll return soon enough, it is very close to our house. Chance is that I will still have a 5 year old around.

All of this reminds me that I still have a whole bunch of photos from the Tate modern. Those deserve a post too, I think.

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